Watch Video captures a couple having sex inside a cabin on the airway in Guayaquil

Video De aerovia

A man and a woman who had sex in the cabin of the Guayaquil airway was caught on video. Now the fact is a trend in social networks.

“Gentlemen, users of cabin 117, I remind you that you are being monitored by security cameras, at the next station you will be disembarked by security personnel,” says one of the operators of this transport, realizing that a couple had sexual relations inside. from an airway cabin . The video of the incident is already a trend on social networks, this Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

In the public transport system connecting the cities of Guayaquil and Durán , the man and the woman were transporting themselves alone and without giving importance to the cameras they maintained relations, until they heard the call for attention through a loudspeaker.

The incident is known to have occurred on June 24, 2023, but it went viral a month later. It is unknown if the couple was sanctioned. (AVV)


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