Watch Tomas Holder Video de Filtrado Garchando Cogiendo Intimo Twitter

tomas holder video filtrado

Tomas Holder Video of Filtering Garchando Cociendo Intimo Twitter
They filter an intimate video of Tomás Holder, from Big Brother Known for his narcissistic profile, the young man from Rosario recorded risqué material that has now begun to circulate on social networks.

One of the participants in the new edition of Big Brother (Telefe) that most attracts attention is without a doubt Tomás Holder. The influencer who dedicates part of his time to caring for his body is the generator of more than one debate in the most famous reality show, and now an intimate video of the young man that went viral on social networks has come to light.

This is the one with the first hot video of all the little brothers that are inside the house. There are several images of others, but the video that is filtered on Twitter has already appeared of him. We are going to see just a little bit because it is very explicit”, commented Ángel de Brito in LAM (América) about the images of Tomás Holder in a bathroom.

Tomás Holder has more than 280,000 followers on his Instagram account and is very active on social media. “In the networks, I make a half-inch character, classist and a bit homophobic, the typical rugby player, and it makes people laugh,” the 21-year-old from Rosario once confessed.

Watch The Full Video Here:

An explosive intimate video of Tomás Holder with another man was leaked after his departure from Big Brother: “What was wrong with him?”

In the last hours, from the LAM account, they revealed a video of Holder, the former Big Brother participant in which he was seen hugging another boy and saying things in his ear.

It is worth noting that the influencer had a really fleeting passage through Big Brother where it only lasted just a week. On that occasion, he added more media exposure than he previously had on his social networks, in which more than 500 users follow his stories daily on Instagram

For this reason, several viewers were attentive to his development in reality knowing that he could receive strong support from his fans. However, this did not happen and it went unnoticed, leaving more stories outside than inside the house.

In this way, Tomás’s romantic situation outside of Big Brother led him to show up with a girl in Punta del Este days after the separation. From there, his presence at parties also increased and several details were leaked.


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