Russian lathe machine accident video leaves social media users scarred

russian lathe accident lathe machine video

Reddit is known to have disturbing content from time to time. One such post that left netizens shocked and alarmed is of a lathe machine accident that took the life of one operator.

Internet users have since taken to responding to the viral footage of the unfortunate incident. One user on Reddit commented:

Trigger Warning: This article contains descriptions of a violent death. Reader discretion is advised:

The clip of the lathe machine accident was shared on the r/watchthingsfly forum by a user who has since deactivated their account. Although the almost minute-long video was uploaded two years ago, it has again gained traction online recently. The post has over 15.6k upvotes with almost 2000 comments.

According to The Crucible, a website dedicated to the industrial arts, a lathe is a “machine tool used to shape wooden or metallic products.” It spins the material about an axis as a stationary cutting tool keeps shaving off unwanted material to furnish it into a desired shape.

According to Reddit user r/PRUnicycles, since the force required to shape the material is extremely high, the machine continues to spin despite high resistance.

In the video, the worker gets too close to the spinning part and gets caught in it as the machine continues to spin and pull him in.

Several users warned against operating the machine negligently with one commenting, “Machines built to chew up metal will not stop for a human.”

Internet users react to lathe machine accident video:

The Lathe machine accident video left netizens extremely traumatized. While many expressed sorrow, other users hoped that the victim died at the first blow and did not suffer through the accident. Here are a few reactions seen under the Reddit post:

The lathe machine is one of the most widely used equipments across the world and is used in various industries including textile, power generation, defense, aerospace, automobile, and even medical.

Since it is one of the earliest machinery tools invented by humans and extremely versatile, it is known as the Mother of All Machine Tools.

The horrific clip led many users to warn against operating heavy machinery carelessly. They shared their accounts of similar accidents and advised against wearing loose-fitting clothes or sleeves. They also warned not to put their hands near a running lathe, to not wear jewelry, and to keep their long hair pulled back.

According to Chron, OSHA has strict guidelines for employers to “train employees on proper use procedures.” It further elaborates that it should include explaining “machine hazards and safeguards, safe work practices, emergency controls, and personal protective equipment.”


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