nermin sulejmanovic video

The man, identified by Bosnian media as Nermin Sulejmanovic from the northeastern Bosnian town of Gradacac, first posted an extremely disturbing video on Instagram on Friday morning, telling viewers that they would see a murder live.

The video then shows him taking a gun and firing a bullet into the forehead of a woman. The distressed cries of the couple’s baby daughter can also be heard in the video.

Sulejmanovic, 35, confirmed he had left the infant alive.

The alleged killer later said: ‘I warned everyone that it would come to this. She has been hiding my child for eight days.

‘I’m waiting to load my weapon and move on.’

According to local media, Sulejmanovic worked as a fitness coach but was also a gang member and had several convictions for acts of violence, fights, and his involvement in drug trafficking.

As police began searching for him in the wake of the broadcasted murder, the suspect later published another video on Instagram, claiming to have shot at least two other people while on the run.

nermin sulejmanovic video

A police statement in the northeastern Bosnian town of Tuzla said that apart from the three killed, three other people were wounded before the killer ‘committed suicide after being located and before being apprehended’.

Police did not immediately offer any more details, but added that people who wrote supportive messages while clicking on the man’s Instagram posts Friday will be questioned and could possibly face legal repercussions.

‘I have no words to describe what happened today in Gradacac,’ said Nermin Niksic, the Prime Minister of the Bosnian Federation.

‘The murderer took his own life in the end, but no one can bring back the lives of the victims.’

Authorities did not immediately offer any more details or possible motives for the shootings.

nermin sulejmanovic video

In various locations in the Bosnian town’s northeast, he also injured a police officer, another guy, and a lady. Officials haven’t provided many details about the man’s motivations for killing three people and then killing himself. Nermin Sulejmanovic was described as a 35-year-old fitness coach by a number of online news sources. He belonged to a gang and had previously been convicted of violent crimes, engaging in physical altercations, and participating in the drug trade. The tragedy happened in Bosnia’s northern town of Gradacac. Nermin Sulejmanovic claimed in the video he posted on Instagram that he foresaw this day coming soon since his ex-wife had been concealing their child for eight days.

The video was quickly removed from Instagram. According to police, he posted another video on Instagram while they were seeking him in which he claimed to have killed at least two more people while trying to flee.

The two individuals have been identified as a father-and-son team named Dengiz Onder and Dengiz Denis, according to Vice. Nermin Niksic, the prime minister of the Bosnian Federation, responded to the horrible killing of three persons that was shared on Instagram Live. Niksic stated that he is speechless in response to what occurred at Gradacac on Friday.


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