Girl on Train Video by Sukahub Twitter – Australia Girl on Train video explained

Girl on Train Video Sukahub

A video from Australia, titled “Girl on train video” is going viral on Twitter and TikTok and people are curious to know the nature of the video. Following the video, a Twitter account “Sukahub” is also trending online.

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People believe that Sukahub’s Twitter account has posted the popular “Girl on Train Australia video” on his timeline.

After digging through the web and social media platforms, we found a video of a girl on the train. The video shows a girl on a train hanging with a support rod. The other part of the video shows the girl playing while keeping her hands on the seat. Her friends seem to film her playing with their mobile phones.

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Sukahub’s Twitter Account explained:

“Sukahub”, Twitter handle “@Sukahub” is a Twitter account created in January 2023. Sukahub has 5,814 followers so far.

On his timeline, Sukahub posted only two tweets containing a link. His Tweets claim that the link contains a full video of an Australian girl on the train. However, if you click on the link, it will ask you to create your account in order to watch the full video. But it is still unsure that you will be able to watch the video after creating the account as well.

Our analysis suggests that the Sukahub Twitter account is click-baiting and luring users to register.

Girl on Train Video from Australia:

I know that if you came here, you are curious to watch the purported video of an Australian girl on the train. We can not upload the original video here. But it has been posted on Twitter by a user “RobRad74” and he uploaded the video on August 3, 2022. You can watch the original video by going through this link to his Twitter post.


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