Full Video of NFL fan Danii Banks fl*shing in the Allegiant Stadium during Raiders game Explained

danii banks raiders stadium video

Video of NFL fan Danii Banks flashing in the Allegiant Stadium during Las Vegas Raiders game is going viral on the internet and social media platforms.


Model Danii Banks reportedly faced eviction from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas after she recorded herself exposing herself in a viral during a Las Vegas Raiders game.

Security personnel and law enforcement reportedly stepped in, leading to Banks’ ejection from the event. Despite not receiving a ticket or facing arrest, she had to leave before the conclusion of the Raiders’ game against the New York Jets, as per a report by TMZ.

Video of NFL fan Danii Banks fl*shing in the Allegiant Stadium during Raiders game goes viral on Twitter
This incident draws parallels with rapper Blueface’s recent attendance at a Los Angeles Rams game, where he brought strippers to a suite but was not asked to leave.

Banks, renowned for her presence on OF, showcased her topless antics at the Raiders game, possibly offering a glimpse into her forthcoming appearance at the Crazy Horse 3 strip club in Las Vegas.

Watch The Video Here:

Who is Danii Banks?

Banks, a renowned adult entertainer, has gained social media fame for her alluring swimsuit photos, amassing an impressive 8 million followers on Instagram. Beyond her online presence, she has forged a partnership with Sculpt NYC, a company specializing in body and facial sculpting, glass skin treatments, red-carpet facials, and laser hair removal.

The expansion of Sculpt NYC Into Las Vegas, Banks’ place of residence, has introduced additional services, including Botox treatments and facial contouring.

Notably, this seasoned model and ambassador for the Fashion Nova retail company has a history with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Banks and Damon Arnette History:

For unversed, in a separate event during the summer, allegations surfaced that Damon Arnette, the Las Vegas Raiders’ 2020 first-round draft pick, had stolen a Cartier watch, phone, and money from Banks during a party at her apartment in Las Vegas in 2022.

With an Instagram following exceeding eight million, Banks disclosed these accusations on the Pillow Talk podcast, asserting the possession of surveillance footage documenting the incident.

Referring to Arnette as “the little football player,” Banks claimed that he has a reputation for stealing from women. She recounted, “Damon Arnette, the little football player that played for the Raiders that got kicked off trying to shoot someone or some st, well, I went to the bathroom, stole my fking bust down Cartier watch, took my other phone, and Zelle’d them all the money out of my account.

“I have it all on camera. Him and his friends leaving my house. Come to find out he does that to bitches and then f**king did it to me.”


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